Our goal is to take the stress and worry out of gift presentation so you can focus on the things in your life that really matter.   We believe that presentation is everything so we welcome you to explore our Premier Collection.  For those special times when ordinary just won't do, the Mia Line adds just the right amount of flair and personality.  Be the Envy of the gift able.​ 

The Premier Collection

The Premier Collection features an array of classic festive papers, coordinating splendorette or satin ribbons, bows and finishing touches. 

Pricing and sizing examples for the Premier Collection are as follows:

Extra-small starting at $8.00 (CDs, Ipods, watches, books, mugs or smaller)

Small starting at $10.00 (Shirts,  gloves and scarf sets, lingerie, 5x7 photo frame or smaller)

Medium starting at $13.00 (Sweaters, hard bound books and shoe boxes or smaller)

Large starting $18.00 (Coats, boots, blenders, coffee makers or smaller)

​Oversized gifts measuring more than 24 inches start at .75 cent an inch.

 The  Mia  Line


The Mia Line features avant garde papers and fabrics, bold double faced satin, velvet, organza, leather, lace or wired ribbons with one of a kind personal accent pieces. 

The Mia Line is custom designed to reflect your special someone's  personal style and taste. Quotes available upon consultation.

Mobile Gift Wrapping


Option 1-Mobile Wrapping Services

We set up our mobile wrapping center at your location.

Option 2-Pick up and Delivery Service
We pick up your unwrapped gifts from your location and bring them back wrapped.

 Remote Gifting


Do you live outside the Atlanta area and wish to gift beautifully?  Just ship  your packages to us, we'll wrap them and mail them back to you or to your recipient.  If you're an online shopper, just have your gifts shipped directly to our Pop-Up location.  We'll wrap them and ship them back to you or to  the recipient of your choice.  It's the easiest way to ensure your presents have presence remotely.

Coordinated Gift  Tables


Picture it: your wedding day; you've thought of every detail: menu and placecards that coordinate with the favors; the cake that has the exact detailing of your dress; you've even designed  a logo and website.  Then, your eyes skim past the gift table.  All the love and admiration from your family and friends displayed in a hodge podge of ill wrapped, unwrapped and bagged gifts in a rainbow of  hues... Until now.  Introducing the Coordinated Gift Table designed to match your wedding's theme and personal style and finally giving the gift table the swoon worthy recognition it deserves.

Be the Envy of the gift table...