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Get more bang for your buck!  The bundle pack includes 3 fRēWrap Ahinanan style wraps.  Save $15 by bundling!

fRēWrap Fabric Gift Wrapping Ahinanan Style Bundle

  • Why fRēWrap?

    Gifting beautifully and responsibly is not only on trend but its our duty.  Each year, 2.6 million POUNDS of waste from traditional gift wrapping paper ends up in land fills.  It’s time we all do our part to gift responsibly without sacrificing beauty.

    We are inspired by the Adinkra Asase Ye Duru principal because it emphasizes the importance of the Earth and its preservation.  People must respect and nurture the Earth, and should never act in ways that might directly or indirectly harm the Earth.  Our vision was to create the eco friendly gift wrap without sacrificing beauty while minimizing waste.  We reuse every inch of each yard we source. The remnants from our Ahinanan style wrap and coordinating elastic band are reused to create the Miamu style wrap. We reuse the minimal remnants leftover from that to create one of kind Ankara gift tags and decorative trims. 

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