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Merry Christmas In July From That's a Wrap! Atlanta

3 ways you can have a merrier Christmas by doing 1 easy thing now

3 ways you can have a merrier Christmas by doing 1 easy thing now

When you’re in the business of couture gift wrapping and luxury presentation, you get to know an obscure holiday or two. Did you know July 2nd is World UFO Day? That’s a Wrap! would love to do a custom gift wrap for an out of this world gift fit for that zany friend.

Or how about “Be Nice To Jersey Week?” It’s observed in the United States annually July 3 - 9. Okay, even Thee Gift Wrap Goddess had to look that one up.

But Christmas in July isn’t as unknown a celebration as you might think if you’re accustomed to living in the northern hemisphere. People in the southern hemisphere of our planet start their Christmas celebrations now. Officially, July 25th is the big day. But some festive folk celebrate on July 12 as well.

Christmas in July celebrations are complete with all the traditional favorites like Santa Claus plus snow-inspired treats like ice cream. Count us in!

However, if you’re still set on Christmas in December, what does it mean for you? Depends.


  1. Purchase now - Recession sales mean great prices and tons less stress when it’s time to enjoy your family and the season’s delights.

  2. Book now - Don’t let Covid-19 ruin your Christmas! Inquire about holiday bookings now and That’s A Wrap will help you coordinate your holiday and maintain your reputation as a thoughtful gifter.

  3. Unwrap Your Gift™ - You can even take our course and slay Christmas (and every other gifting occasion that comes your way) DIY-style. They won’t believe you wrapped it yourself! Or, for the hard-to-buy-for or fellow gifting enthusiast in your life, consider purchasing the Unwrap Your Gift™ course, the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Unwrap Your Gift™ is an 8 week online gift wrapping course. In essence, it’s a comprehensive business development course designed to empower women through entrepreneurship by teaching them how to successfully create a sustainable and profitable gift wrapping business. But, of course, the choice is yours - create a fun and successful business or use your master gift wrapping skills to wow friends and family. Either way, act now! This will be the only opportunity to Unwrap Your Gift™ in time for the holiday season.


  1. Plan holiday promos now - It’s never too early to start planning for the busiest (and most wonderful) time of the year. The linked Constant Contact blog post highlights some great ways to take advantage of today’s marketing and advertising deals by planning and scheduling promos in advance.

  2. Offer a Christmas in July special - Show future loyal customers why they should fall in love with you now by offering an introductory incentive.

  3. Upgrade your brand with the option of gift wrapping - Call us to discuss (virtual or in-person) training for your retail staff. A That’s a Wrap! workshop can turn any member of your staff into a trained professional gift wrapper been looking for. We can even provide custom gift wrap designs for your brand and offer a pop-up gift wrap station in your retail location!

Now more than ever, many of us are finding comfort in embracing loved ones and honoring celebrations that have kept families coming together year after year for centuries.

On any side of the ongoing conflicts that plague us, we’re probably all ready for a little reprieve, or at least a little sparkle.

We’d absolutely love it if you’d pass this onto a friend. But, if you do nothing else, give yourself the gift of kindness. And have a Merry Christmas in July!

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