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Upcoming Classes Position you to Cash in on the Holiday Season

Psst… We’ve actually got the secret to year-round business success

Happy October, Gifters & Wrappers! Holiday shopping’s already kicked off. Thanksgiving’s in a few weeks. Then, Christmas comes & goes. At year’s end, we’ll finally rest, right?

Until then, 2020’s offerings and challenges continue to impact how we work, do business, play, and shop. Some retailers even started earlier than ever with 10/10/20. Despite increasing uncertainties, holiday retail sales are still projected to increase by 1% to 1.5%.

Plus, the holiday shopping season is predicted to last much longer than usual, with most planning to begin now. Is your business prepared? If not, don’t fret. That’s a Wrap! has you beautifully covered.

But before we start planning Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales, let’s win the basics. Our upcoming classes will teach you:

  • Gift Wrapping 101: Intro to the Basics

  • Advanced Ribbon and Bow Techniques

  • Advance Gift Design: Holiday Edition

  • Gift Wrapping Pricing Strategies 101: How to price services for your gift wrapping business

  • Setting Up Shop: How to set up shop for your gift wrapping business (supplies, processes, and clients)

Because your understanding of these topics has a huge impact on the soundness of your business, this can’t-miss course line up is sure to position you for your best holiday season, and year, yet.

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