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Owning a gift wrapping business can be incredibly gratifying - creating lasting memories through gift design and taking charge of your financial and career destinies. But, it can also be a long, hard and costly road to success if you’re going at it alone and blindly making decisions. Unwrap Your Gift™ is the answer to the questions you didn’t even know you had.  It’s designed to educate gift wrapping enthusiasts, expand their creativity and build community all while working to elevate the future of the gift wrapping industry together!

Mia Canada has an eye for style that goes well beyond tying the perfect bow.  Once upon a time, Mia coordinated events and designed social stationery.  Eventually her passion for fashion and interior design inspired her to channel her talents into an avenue for stylistic flair that had been overlooked: gift design.  Affectionately known as Thee Gift Wrap Goddess, Mia’s approach to design is the sophisticated fusion of the giver's affection with the funky expression of the recipient's personality or as she calls it, ‘Sophistifunk.’


In 2006, she founded That's a Wrap! Atlanta, LLC, which grew from seasonal kiosks in affluent Atlanta area malls to a thriving chain of gift wrapping boutiques.

Meet Mia

Mia has been featured on CNN’s Headline News, Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta, NPR's A Closer Look and The Morning Edition, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Champion Newspaper and Wal-Mart World.  Her awe inspiring creations can be seen in scenes in Universal Picture’s American Made, STARZ Network’s Survivor’s Remorse, USA’s Satisfaction, Bravo’s Housewives of Atlanta and WETV’s Preachers of Atlanta and Disney Freeform’s Wrap Battle.


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